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Mutt Meditation #18: Enough! Something has GOT to change

Why not take a deep breath, and reset what doesn’t work in life?

Change is an adventure. I’ve re-invented myself a number of times. It’s fun actually, not only in the end, but also along the away even when it’s agitating. I keep what works, and shed the rest. (I have no idea where it goes, but it goes.)

So take several deep breaths. Make sure your footing is firm, and get ready to press, or bang, your reset button.

I’ve created a flow chart for my “Enough” moments, that Something has GOT to change notion that hits me when the time is right.  Does that happen for you?

Mutt Meditation #17 and Quiz: Do You Need a Mother-Mutt…mentor, spiritual advisor, or life coach?

Read the full article here, on Huffington Post.

It’s all the rage now to reach out and touch, to find someone who can help you make sense out of life: a mentor, spiritual advisor, or life coach. Call it what you will, pretty much anyone you trust and has insights that you don’t have can fit into this category that I call Mother-Mutts. (These can be male or female.)

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll be surrounded by Mother-Mutts: those who like to step in and, well, get a little bossy. Let’s just name it. Never mind disguising their wisdom as advice, suggestions, or guidance. It’s bossy!

Here’s the weird part, especially for me. When they say jump, I jump. Usually.

That’s because I trust my instincts when someone knows A LOT more than I do. Even a little bit more. I wouldn’t be alive, out of prison, and happy-healthy-free if it weren’t for all the people who pitched in with their insights and said, “Hey, Deborah, have you considered…” or “You might want to think twice about that.” This last, I’ve heard a million times. Makes me want to smack ‘em upside the head, but they’re right. (Besides, I’d never do that.)

I highly recommend finding mentors, and don’t be afraid to listen. How are you going to learn anything if you don’t listen? You do want to learn, don’t you?

Take the Quiz on Huffington Post and find out if you need a Mother-Mutt …mentor, spiritual advisor, or life coach.

Mutt Meditation #16: Take the High Wire Walker Attitude

A good mutt life is something akin to acrobatics. You might wobble, but do whatever you can to get to the other side.

I’m fascinated by the circus. Especially the highwire.  Most anything adventurous with an element of risk — it’s for me.  In fact, I filled out the application for circus school at one time. You’ll have to wait until I’m done with my memoir to find out what happened.

There’s nothing like the thrill of  living on the edge but now that I’m all grown up (did I really say that?) I make sure my thrills aren’t too life threatening.

Back to the circus. Tightwire is the art of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two points. Highwire is the same as tightwire but at much greater height. In French, it’s called Funambule. Isn’t that a little too close to fumble?

In China, ‘Dawazi’ or high wire walking has a 430-year history. Jews don’t do this, I’m sure, but I’ll check with that branch of my people.

Tightrope walkers sometimes use balancing poles and might even perform the feat without a safety net. That adds to the excitement for us on-lookers! There’s got to be some extra thrill for the walker, too, especially if she’s on a wire 2100 feet over the Yangtze River.

The biomechanics go something like this. Tightrope acrobats maintain balance by positioning their center of mass directly over their base of support, i.e. shifting most of their weight over their legs, arms or whatever part of their body they are using to hold themselves up.

My point? It never helps to be rigid in life. And if you’re a mutt, you need to flex and flow more than others. Remember, we’re all a mutt in one way or another. So find a base of support, shift a little when you need, and hold on. It helps a little to hope for the best, and keep a positive attitude.

Thought for the day: Look inside your muttilicious self. Find your center. Dig deep and seek balance. And don’t wait four hundred years.

Don’t ask about Mutt Meditation #1 through 15. They’re scattered throughout this blog, and not numbered yet.
I know, my non-linear scramble is enough to drive any reader crazy. I’m still working on lining up my brain waves. Who knows, maybe it’s the heroin-at-birth thing.

@ Sign Now in The Museum of Modern Art

This week MoMA acquired the @ sign.

What belongs to everyone and to no one — the @ sign — is now an art object.

I think this is one mutty symbol:

  • It started in merchant history long ago.
  • Ended up on typewriter and computer keyboards.
  • Is indispensable, across the globe, for our daily communication, and.
  • Now it’s in a first class museum.

Interesting history: @ appeared in 1885 on the keyboard (American Underwood typewriter.) But it goes back to Portugal, in 6th or 7th century trade. Curious!

Its journey into present day is sort of sketchy, and linguists are divided as to when the symbol first appeared.

Didn’t anyone ever think to ask it’s neighbor to the left, the 1/! key? Or the 3/#? Why not ask the 2, right below?

The scholars, though, argue that the symbol Continue reading

Who Says Cheese Causes Nightmares?

Excerpt from Huffington Post blog

Who knew we’d snooze better after a snack on a slice of Cheddar or Stilton? That’s what the British Cheese Board says in study about the effect of cheese on sleep. (The Brits are getting close to being Mutts, on this one.)


The study explored how cheese influences sleep and dreaming, and found that the impact of cheese on sleep was positive with regard to dreaming, rather than negative, which some believe happens when we sleep right after eating a meal.

Just in case you’ve never had one, a nightmare is also known as a “bad dream.” You know, the dreams that rattle you out of your sleep with fear or horror and you can’t get back to the zzz’s for some time. Maybe it’s stress or post-traumatic experiences that hurl your sleep into hell. Can it be there’s anything going in the world right now that might induce stress?

Maybe the scenes inside your nighttime head are ones of danger, or psychological and physical distress. In my dream scenes though, Danger equals (usually) Adventure, so that could be a good dream for me. Chased by cops or Continue reading

A True Mutt of the 21st Century: a monk on a skateboard in China

(More about this skateboarding monk here.)

Now we’re talking about the  mutt condition! Who says a Buddhist monk can’t   skateboard?

Or why not a little ping-pong…and then pray?

This proves my theory that no matter how we’re “labeled,” we fit other categories as well. It’s part of the human condition. Help work to stomp out the trap of labels and categories for people.

Thought for the day:

Are you what others think you are, or are you what you think you are? Who are you going to let define you?

Welcome to the New World, China

There’s a color war going on in China.

It’s the kind of race battle we’re still trying to wrap our hands around in parts of the U.S. (consider the mixed race couple that was denied a marriage license in Louisiana…and that’s in 2009! Who forgot to tell that judge that we have a multiracial President?)

Lou Jing is Mandarin-speaking 20-year-old who competed in Shanghai’s version of American Idol. She’s the focus of a passionate public debate: what does it mean to be Chinese. And it’s all about the color of her skin. Lou Jing’s mother is Chinese, her father an African-American whom she’s never met.

For sure, it’s a controversy that boosts ratings. Wouldn’t Simon Cowell be all over  this?

China doesn’t easily accept mixed-race children as Chinese. When a child is born the  parents have to register the child as belonging to one of the fifty-six government-approved ethnic groups. There are no mixed-race categories. We have that same battle here in the U.S., only we have four groups: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic. Sometimes Native American and Pacific Islander are bunched in with Asian. There’s always the Other box – that’s me. You can read my brief bio here about what I used to write on race forms: 100-yard dash.

On rare occasion, a form lists Multiracial. We need that on EVERY form.

While the U.S. is just now rising out of its shame about race-crossing, what happened here to the Chinese pride about MADE IN CHINA?