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In Spite of Everything

My children and I are tracking what’s happening as Hurricane Sandy storms towards the East coast where we have family and friends. All we can do from the other side of the country is hope. It’s not enough but it’s all we got.

Through me or from friends in their own kid world, my young girls have been personally touched by or known of destruction their whole long hardly-more-than-a-decade lives. War, murder, suicide, death & dementia, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, homeless un-or-underemployment — and somehow they still can giggle at some moment or another on the same day as any of these happen.

They still talk about the future as if it’s forever. Because when you’re twelve the future is forever. When you’re twelve, even seventeen, today is just enough and tomorrow is just another day even in the presence of danger, loss, fear, death. How kids do this, giggle sometimes in the same day as fear, loss, death — we need it. We need our children to scatter their neurons around the world, sprinkle our universe with their bounce.

R & R: Rebound and Recovery

We all need to replenish and renew ourselves. This is a working list for ways I know  to nurture a depleted mind, body, and spirit. I’ll continue to add as I think of things.

What did I leave out?





Cranial sacral therapy

Therapy (who hasn’t put some therapist’s kids through college?)

Beach, sand, sun, ocean

Korean salt massage

Thai massage

Good food

Healing ritual in water

Work out



What else?

These aren’t  necessarily in any particular order and if they can all happen in the sun on a beach, even better!

Do We Really Need to Shop Below Ground?

Half the world’s fourteen self-made female billionaires have struck it rich on China’s mainland.  That’s according to Forbes Magazine.

(I love Hong Kong, but how about this street for sensory overload?)

They include the world’s richest self-made woman, Wu Yajun, who took her company, Longfor Properties, public. Real estate does it every time, in the business of fortune. Then there’s Hong Kong entrepreneur Chu Lam Yiu, who peddles ingredients to China’s tobacco companies.

Xiu Li Hawken, a U.K. citizen, is also on the list. She runs below ground shopping centers in China. Hawken is one of three women who debuts on this year’s billionaire’s list.

The last place in the world I’d want to be, if underground, is in a shopping center. As much as I love to shop, in all that over-stimulation of commerce, at least sunlight should enhance the experience. Continue reading

Who in the World Invented Track Changes?

Fuller article here: Huffington Post

Is anyone in their right mind able to really work with all the action behind track changes in a document? What’s with all the lines and colors and highlighted material?

I know it’s useful but how can it be good if the whole experience of working with Track Changes in a document is like a circus on the page, more like a prison of words walking on a high wire with a light show underneath, arrows and dotted lines stabbing about the page.

I’m rebelling against it. What happened to just using the delete feature, and the keyboard for new data entry?

I’m back to the whole idea that simplicity is best. Flash fiction over grand lengthy works. Haiku rather than epic poems.

Six word memoirs instead of the whole self-focused 400 pages of me-me-me. But, I’m working on one of those, so I better get busy.

I’d love to see votes – email me or comment here: which do you prefer? Grand ambitious pages or a few select simple words (where there’s not need for Track Changes)?

Not everything that is faced can be changed …

But nothing can be changed until it is faced.    ~ JAMES BALDWIN.

I’ve figured out that if we are to live a life laced with possibility, it means meeting challenges and setbacks straight on, nothing sideways. With blinders removed, we can look at life’s bigger picture, and dive into the unknown.


Don’t you love that, though? The mystery,  adventure, and challenge of this exploration — this explosion called life.

Anyway, it’s better than the alternative. (No life.)

Eureka! Where Are Your AHA Moments?

(Clink link below for full article in Huffington Post)

Where do your AHA moments come from? Do you plod, or do flashes of inspiration hit you out of nowhere?

I’ve been curious about these instincts and I explore that core in all of us in my new article on Huffington Post.

Here’s an excerpt from my article about what I call Brain Buzz:


From experience, I’ve come up with five tips for everyday living that can help inspire our flashes of imagination that can lead to creativity – Aha moments:

• Find quiet moments to shut everything down.
• Save time in the morning for a stream of consciousness to take notes on whatever comes to mind. No judgment. You never know where this stream can lead you. Jot notes rather than think.
• Keep a way to record your ideas in the moment, whether in the car, by your bed, in your briefcase or bag. Notebook, scratch paper, recording device, anything to make sure you don’t lose a word or phrase that you want to develop later.
• Have someone to spring your ideas off. Other people will surely offer a new perspective.
• Keep an eye and ear open for quotes, images, headlines that can buzz your brain with new ideas.

All in all, pay attention to life and stay open to new possibilities of being in the moment. It’s not about forcing our Eureka moments. It’s about making room for flashes of inspiration.

You’ll be surprised what can happen!

Sixty Seconds of Happiness

…is gone forever with every minute of discontent. In other words, make your moments of living as good as they can get. Why wallow in what’s past and let malcontent slice into the present?

That’s all we have — what is before us today.

The positive side of mutt-dom, of knowing how to live in several worlds and along the way, bouncing back from setbacks, resilience; bouncing back

is we learn what’s important in life.

Have you ever known someone who’s stewed so much about past circumstances — and usually it’s about money, relationship, or job — that a day at a time part of their life passes by them? Pretty soon, one day turns into one week, then weeks, then months, and before you know it, a year is gone.

They lose sleep, over-eat or under-eat; they worry, they may build resentments, become bitter or revengeful, and after a while, a little worry about the past is eating their soul from the inside out.


And what do you have left after all that? A year of worry, which will not change the past at all! But worry can definitely spoil the present. These days, the worries seem about money for most people. I’m a lucky one, blessed with an attitude of what matters in life. It surely is not objects and money and “stuff.

My measure of abundance is nothing what I witness around me today, where many scramble for more “stuff.” I’m lucky because I can have nothing (well, water and food are nice, though) and life can still be good. I can have plenty, and life is equally good.

Then, there are those who measure success merely by acquiring money, and in my mind, their success is cheap. By observation, those are the same people who forget that blowing out another person’s candle never makes theirs shine any brighter. The same people seem to walk with shackles of resentment that restrain just plain good living.

What ever happened to having gratitude for what we have rather than wishing and battling for what we don’t have?

Like I said, water and food are good to have. Many don’t have this. Why not be grateful for some of the basics that we take for granted?

water and food water

(Check out Ridge to Reef.)