What Time Is It?

It’s time to make that change, that change we know we need in how others perceive our mutt-ilicious race. When Mary J Blige sings in You Remind Me, “ The way you walk and the way you talk and the way you move and you remind me, yes you do,” well, part of our mutthood is that we remind others of so many others, and of no one, all at the same time. There’s rarely the “spitting image” comment for mutts like us.

Your features might be in the exact image of your mother…only thirty shades darker, or just as many tints lighter.Or in my case, I’ve heard everything from, “You could be Eartha Kitt’s daughter,’ to “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Diahann Carroll’s kid?” to the mixed Asian/Jamaican/something-else taxi driver in Negril who said I was identical to his baby sister.

The lesson here is, so what if we mutts aren’t exact replicas of our ancestors? That makes us the first generation! Wait a minute. Is this saying that we’re like the Eves and Adams in our ancestral line? I think so. We’re Number One!

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