Corporate Mutts Anonymous

What about, let’s say, that SEC commissioner who does stem cell research on the side? Does she say she works in the financial industry? Or is she in the science profession? See what I mean? Oh, I forgot to say that this woman also teaches roller-skating to foster children on Sundays after Sunday school. She has a big heart. She’s also really busy.

In fact, it’s not just plain old roller-skating. She’s the best hip-hop hot dawg skater in the country. Little do her colleagues on the SEC commission or her fellow scientists in the lab know what she does.

And her passion, rather addiction for shoes forces her into a seasonal job as shoe editor for Manolo Blahnik’s fall line.

She’s got to pay for that pair of $14,000 Manolo Blahnik alligator boots somehow!allig-boots

And I thought I was mutty. At least I only have two jobs: writing advertising copy Monday through Thursdays, and on Fridays, I order car parts for a classic British auto restoration shop. But then, I don’t have her shoe habit to support, either. My favorite place is the beach – barefoot and free, so I don’t need shoes much.

My recommendation: never wear Manolo’s in the car shop.

This career mutt, though, her real weakness is Ferragamo, a line with its own mutt collection: an ostrich/crocodile pump. By the way, this woman believes as Ferragamo does: a woman’s arch is the most important part of her body. I wonder how many men think so? And if you know your feet, this woman is no Asian, with genetically flat feet for centuries.

Anyway, can you imagine her self-image? What does she tell herself she is? God knows what she says when someone asks her, “So, what do you do?”

3 thoughts on “Corporate Mutts Anonymous

  1. derekhambrick

    Dear anonymous,

    Your comment would lead me to believe that you’d best spend your time elsewhere.

    I don’t speak for this blogger, but beyond general manners and common sense, you could come to the same conclusion on your own.

    And it’s a blog, not a Web site. And blogs are for expressing whatever the author thinks–like you wrote, it’s about what “you think.”

    I just think perhaps your time is better spent on something other than degrading someone.

    Regardless, I wish you the best.



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