Hybrids of all kinds…there’s even diversity in Muttdom.

Don’t dishearten if you’re white, though, and not a multiracial mutt. There’re all kinds of mutts beyond our multiracial category. What about professional mutts, political mutts, mother mutts, sexual identity mutts? Even more.

In the meantime, noodle about this. What about these hybrids? Did you know there’s coffee-flavored tea?coffeeteacup

Although I’ve never had it (I’m a tea drinker), coffee-flavored tea is a black tea, high in caffeine, and from the Fujian Province on the coast of southeastern China. I’ve seen it described as:

“Full of body with floral and light sweet flavor; the aroma of coffee with the health benefits of tea.”

So coffee/tea is another mutt in its own right. And speaking of the Fujian Province, this, too, is in the global mutt realm. Fujian has been split between two separate governments. The majority of Fujian province has been governed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), while a number of offshore islands have been governed by the Republic of China (ROC) government in Taiwan. The PRC and ROC have each maintained its own respective Fujian provincial government to administer the portions that it controls (from wikipedia).

Two separate governments? That’s a mutt province if I ever heard of one. What if I committed one single crime in the Fujian Province, a horrendous one, and was given a life sentence. Would I have to serve my life (my this-life-on-earth) sentence in PRC, and then my after-life sentence in ROC?

Thought for the day: If you want to improve the world, it’s best to start with your own life. And when you jump into water, better make sure you can swim.

And furthermore…either avoid the crime, or get politically involved in the Fujian Province to help unite their governments, and…if you are in prison there, make sure you get a cup of their tea flavored with coffee.

While I’m on the scour for mutts beyond race and ethnicity, don’t forget the spork, or the car/boat. You can find more about the spork later, in my March 23 post.

coloredsporks chinese_boat_car1

Comment here on other mutt categories and ingredients and I’ll keep adding those to the list.

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