A Good Case for Mutts Anonymous

Take this case of mutt anxiety. What do you do if one year the Chinese New Year, which lasts for several weeks and typically falls in February, occurs in the month of March. What are you going to do?

No big deal, you say. Well, it is if you also observe Passover and instead of April, that same year it’s in March and shares the same week with the Chinese New Year. What are you going to do? You have the whole first week of the Chinese New Year booked with festivities. And that’s precisely when the first night of Passover falls and your family gathers for their huge family meal, the Seder, and you’re the only family member with young children and your eight-year-old recites the traditional questions in Hebrew.

You can’t exactly record a CD of her, and have her Hebrew piped in at just the right moment. She’s been practicing for weeks, so what can you do? And she’s so bright, she’s even on her way to knowing her whole Torah portion for her Mutt Mitzvah.

No, what you do is resent the heck out of the situation, that your Jewish mother seduced her Chinese tutor (whose father was a Puerto Rican Swede) and they got married, and all your life both your parents insisted you honor your roots.


All of them.

Thanks a lot.3180426WC014_passover

Thought for the day: Grow to accept, and even like, the ways you are different from your friends and family.

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