Even More for Mutts Anonymous

So now let’s say you have your own children, they’re utterly the cutest mutts in the world, and the most muttorable you’ve ever known, more than you, and your family expects you and your kids to participate in every celebration. The answer: resentment!Same goes for you offspring of Native American/Muslim parents, or the children of any other exciting and unexpected concoctions. Take Jewish/Muslim. It can happen. Read The Girl From Foreign by Sadia Shepard; while I haven’t yet I’ve read reviews.muttsanon-lc

The world and swirl of mutts flows in everyone’s bloodstream.

Mutts Anonymous meets every Monday night at my muttnormous home, plenty of room for all to join. So if you need a support group, give my publicist a call. Even though she won’t admit it, she, herself, is a bona fide member, as founder of Creative Mutt Management, Int’l. After all, it takes one to know one.

Thought for the day: Honor your mother. Honor your father. And go ahead, resent them once in a while, too. All out blame them for the mutt they created in you. Resentments never help, though. Oohhh, yes they do, you think? Then get it out of your system, and move on and then love them forever. They are, after all, your parents. And they probably love you to silly bits.

3 thoughts on “Even More for Mutts Anonymous

  1. Annabelle

    Jewish/German mother and Japanese/German father.

    I’m a WWII peace treaty!

    I celebrate “Christmakkuh” with my maternal family and plain ol’ Christmas with my paternal family. Hanukkah is my favourite holiday, because I love getting together with the whole family. We don’t celebrate many of the other Jewish holidays (we’re Christians), but I love having that Jewish blood in me. An excuse to kvetch about everything. Of course being Japanese is cool too, as I have an excuse to eat everything with chopsticks and ginger.


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