Look Forward and Take Your Place in the World

Some may be wonder about me: doesn’t she take anything seriously? Can’t she plant her feet on the ground for at least a moment, or even put several moments together and get a grip on life?

Listen, if your collection of mutti-racial identities started behind prison bars — yes, I said prison, federal prison — then you’d have a bit of a curious twist on life, too. But it wasn’t the “born in prison” part that gave me an interesting view of the world. It was what happened after. Here it is in a muttshell, and this is all the serious you’ll get out of me, at least for right now on this page.

What would you do if your multiracial was a multi of you-didn’t-know-what, you were born heroin-addicted, in prison, lived inside for a year before your prison-toddler-self got shuttled into foster care, and then later adopted? Mutt-cinating, you might say.

Not so much for me, though. At least not in the beginning. Now, okay, life is pretty interesting.

Don’t we all have pockets of ourselves, pieces of our past (or present) we might struggle to accept? If you say you don’t then look again. It’s not those pockets that hold us back, it’s the way we look at them, what we do with who we are.

I’ll have more on this later.

Meanwhile, the thought for the day: Be comfortable being yourself. And whatever comes your way, make the most of it.

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