Where Dreams and Love Usually Die… But Not Always

Before I ever knew any of my work would be published, before I ever spoke in front of an audience, before I un-muted myself and ever spoke much at all, I dreamed about—not a glamorous author event—but of a book launch inside a prison.

I was thirteen or something, scribbling typical teen girl poems and imitating e.e. cumings.

A girl who couldn’t stand up in third grade class to read out loud, I wanted to stand inside a prison and read my work. I didn’t do this with my first book because my mother was dying at the same time and it took everything in me to walk with her to her end. More like crawl.

I also didn’t know much about dreams then.

Through the giant generosity of friends, I’m being sponsored to launch Even Tough Girls Wear Tutus inside a a number of prisons, including Bedford Hills Prison for Women. Not the prison where I was born but the prison with the country’s oldest nursery for babies.

It’s a privilege to stand before the women I meet in prison and  spread love and dreams where dreams and love usually die.

As soon as I can, I’ll share the details. In the meantime please dream with me. For your dreams and mine.

I’m going here in one of my dreams, inside every U.S. prison to reach our 150,000 incarcerated women.


3 thoughts on “Where Dreams and Love Usually Die… But Not Always

  1. Barbara Glickstein

    I will be there with my tutu on. Let’s have a soul train line with our tutus and shake this town up when you are here.
    Who’s in.
    Tutu mash-up to raise awareness about the epidemic of women and men in prison.
    Be there or be square.

    1. Deborah Jiang Stein Post author

      BG, Yes you will!! It’s tutu mash-up all the way. You’ve coined the phrase, “tutu mash-up” and we might need T-shirts to shout it loud and proud. ♥

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