In Spite of Everything

My children and I are tracking what’s happening as Hurricane Sandy storms towards the East coast where we have family and friends. All we can do from the other side of the country is hope. It’s not enough but it’s all we got.

Through me or from friends in their own kid world, my young girls have been personally touched by or known of destruction their whole long hardly-more-than-a-decade lives. War, murder, suicide, death & dementia, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, homeless un-or-underemployment — and somehow they still can giggle at some moment or another on the same day as any of these happen.

They still talk about the future as if it’s forever. Because when you’re twelve the future is forever. When you’re twelve, even seventeen, today is just enough and tomorrow is just another day even in the presence of danger, loss, fear, death. How kids do this, giggle sometimes in the same day as fear, loss, death — we need it. We need our children to scatter their neurons around the world, sprinkle our universe with their bounce.

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