Multiracials happier!

This recent article, Multiracial Individuals Generally Happier is worth reading. It references a new study in the Journal of Social Issues, which found that students who reported they were from multiple ethnic/racial groups were more engaged at school. Even felt better in general than those who reported they were from a single group.

I knew it!  Joy abounds. g

Now all we need to do is to make sure others are happy for us also.

Thought for the day: Your inside is more important than what’s said about your outsides. Look inside to find hope, and remember that happiness is what’s in your heart, not something you can buy and “own.”

3 thoughts on “Multiracials happier!

  1. mandycandy604

    I love your blog and I find it interesting how you focused on multiracials. As a full Chinese girl and a white boy lover, I know I’m going to have mixed children one day so I found the article quite interesting! Keep up the great work with your blog and keep me updated ;)



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