Happy 2014 from PRISON BABY

All the cliches come to mind for my New Year’s wishes for everyone: gratitude, healing and hope, purpose and pleasure. But I’ll take cliches when they’re authentic in the heart. So that’s what I wish for our world.


In my corner of the world, my 2014 opened with one more step for  my memoir to reach hands of readers, an envelope from Beacon Press, the book jacket for Prison Baby, (March 4, 2014.) Here’s where my prison yarn toy meets the world.

As many copies of the book as I can get into prisons, especially for incarcerated mothers, and for girls in prison, even for prison staff, this is one of my 2014 dreams. I like to churn dreams into reality so I’ll keep posting here about my upcoming  prison tours and how you can walk with me as part of the dream of reaching our girls and women in prisons. I’ll ever grateful for all the support along the way for this book, for the prison work, for the vision of a better world. Thank you readers and supporters!

If you’d like to read some background on how Prison Baby found it’s way, here’s my new blog piece on Huffington Post.

Here’s a preview, the pile of drafts from 56 publisher rejections and 3 hard-working agents who exhausted their resources, before Beacon Press picked this up.PRISONBABYdrafts

2 thoughts on “Happy 2014 from PRISON BABY

  1. Sonni Quick

    Everything happens for a reason. It is the way the law of cause and effect works. My website is here at wordpress as well. It is my life. A part of my insides that compels me to write this – because it will effect lives. The only real legacy of value that one can leave behind is the effect we have on other people. It’s important to remember that in all we think, say and do. I will buy your book, and i want to know your story about how you accomplished what you did. The mental process you went through to keep going after so many rejections. As I write my book, even though it is not done, I am already doing my homework of how to publish the end result and the best way to do it. Learning to do what I have never done. It is one thing to write a blog. It is another to write a book. I started writing the blog as a way to categorize the subject matter that has been gathered in hundreds of letters that continue to arrive. I have his words. I have his hopes and dreams. I have felt his pain. I write music to go with the words. You can find one piece of improvisational piano at the post “In Prison, Who Do You Have to Care About Your Day?” and others at a link at the top under the page piano music links, but the last piece I wrote, is special to me. The post tells you why. It is pain. Thank you for your time. Sonni Quick


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