It all started with Obama…sort of

obama-sunglasses1Publicly, it all started with President Obama’s opening act, his racial quip that sliced tension when he announced his Mutt Club membership during his first press conference after his election.

That makes his girls, Sasha and Malia, part of the same Club.

obamagirls1By saying so, he joined my Mutt Squad. Little did he know I’d been concocting edgy micro-essays for my own personal multiracial/Jewish muttness for years. Stayed tuned for further announcements from the Mutt Pride Movement, not only for the multiracial experience in America because remember, there’re hybrids of other ingredients also. Browse this blog and you’ll learn more. I’m all about learning and curiosity — the big adventures. It’s want flips my trigger, and I highly recommend this way of life.

Thought for the day:  The more we learn, the more we’ll want to learn, and the more curious we get, the more we need to know.

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