Hands Off My Genetics

Obama aspired to a place which America is still striving to reach. In the 2004 Democractic Convention, he said, “there is not a black America and a white America…there’s the United States of America.”  In truth, there is a color coded America, as he acknowledged in his remarkable speech on race http://preview.tinyurl.com/nyt-obama-on-race.

We’re each a sum our parts, as Obama said, and so is this country. But can we choose which part we want to dominate, as a nation or as individuals? What’s with the controversy and chatter about which race biracial or multiracial persons choose to claim as race? Is it only about perception, what others see? What if Tiger wanted to say he’s Thai, why not? Would others “allow” that? What if Obama referred to himself as biracial instead of Black? Why does it matter to anyone but the “self?”

To those who have some stake in what others call themselves, I say, leave our genetic make-up alone! genesjpg

And meanwhile, though the U.S is still color coded, we’re on our way to a better day.

Thought for the day: The future comes in steps, and never all at once. But every step of the way, keep in mind that freedom ends when we take it from others.

3 thoughts on “Hands Off My Genetics

  1. renegadesouth

    So well said, Deborah! If I hear you correctly, you are saying that our identities are not something to impose on one another, or ourselves, in some elusive effort to condemn, understand, or liberate. We are the person who makes us feel whole, who allows us creative expression, whose skin we feel comfortable in. And we need to allow others the same choice. I love your weblog because it (you) are just brimming with life!

  2. deborah

    Thank you for this comment to confirm my message, that yes, each person defines her/his own identity, and we ought to allow others the same. Who am I to tell someone else what they are or aren’t, or who they are or are not?


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