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spork-4Who was thinking what when they invented the spork? I know there’s the true story of how it happened, but inventions also come with lore. And isn’t imagining it better then truth? Isn’t imagination often a bunch of notches above reality?

Did the spork start with the pitchfork? Maybe a farmer wanted to pitch hay one second and then dig a hole to plant potatoes the next. Potatoes do grow in the ground, don’t they? Or do they grow on bushes? Too much city girl here.

Let’s say the origins of the spork is rooted in agriculture. Because every second counts, and who has time to fling hay then set down your pitchfork, grab the shovel, flurry away at the soil and then back with the pitchfork. So one day this farmer duct tapes her shovel handle onto her pitchfork handle and there it is! The first spork! Like everything else, it got downsized into the white  mini-spork as we know it today.

And somehow this kooky invention migrated from the farm to fast food, the spork as we know it wrapped in clear plastic ready to scoop/stab some vegetable stew, then off to its destiny as it clogs our landfills. How many plastic sporks are buried below? There’s probably even bird nests with spork tine splinters woven in with natural nest weavings.

Thought for the day: A sense of humor feeds the imagination, and laughter can help smooth some of life’s edges. As for imagination…use it! Let it be your teacher, to stretch you into new territories. Our brain will starve if we don’t constantly feed it. Laugh. Imagine. Nourish your brain.

6 thoughts on “More about the Spork

  1. janebretl

    Hey! Now there is the background about sporks that I was looking for! I love it. I see this post is called More about the spork — I’ll have to search your past posts for more spork lore…

  2. muttslikeme Post author

    Spork is my latest metaphor for the life of in-between, the true mutts we all are, each and every one of us. It’s not only about race. Keep it feeding my way. Who and what else straddles several worlds?

  3. Drew Robinson

    Funny thing is we have been Spork Design for 17 years, and still don’t know who invented the Spork.
    Another funny thing – spork doesn’t work as either a fork or a spoon. But do you know what’s really funny? I know that neither of those previous statements are funny and that the latter is just sad.

    On the subject of mutts…. I am the mutt majority. The Anglo mutt, if you will. The white sheep, if I may. The Irish-Scottish-Welsh-English-French mutt. So basically, I drunkenly beat the crap out of myself over religion and territory, wear pegged jeans under my kilt, smoke thin cigarettes and play with the greasy mop of hair under my beret, all over tea and haggis.

    I think I have just deeply offended all parts of me.

  4. muttslikeme Post author

    Spork Fashion: I like your mantra that every woman should feel fabulous about her body. Exactly what we mutts believe about ourselves, and it’s a good mantra for everyone — woman, child, man.


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