Sprake? Mixed race or mixed rakes.

Now I’ve just heard of the sprake, an invention in the U.K. Talk about innovation!

Is this a new take on mixed race, I mean mixed rakes?

Sprake. Quality garden tool


Described at http://www.complete-gardens.co.uk

“The cutting rake. Unique all in one cut & rake action. For close to the ground removal of saplings & large weeds like nettles & brambles. Weed cutting on gravel paths. Easy clearance of overgrown areas. Perfect for clearing ponds.

Carbon steel blade.”

Now this is what every good  urban mutt  needs! Good for the street…who’d mess with you if you wielded a sprake? Don’t tell anyone you have a spork in your back pocket,though. You might really get busted. Too much cross-over action.

Think about it: here you are, multiracial or multi-anything (religion, professions, you name it) with a sprake in one hand, a spork hidden in a pocket, and you think you’ll be left for innocent?

Talk about profiling!

The sprake and gardening bring me to think about mud, and mot just the dirt/soil kind. There’s the trashy talk, gossip, and the put-downs that some people do to elevate themselves. My response to that? Just stop it! It’s best to first look at  how we can clean our own houses before we try to clean up other people’s.

Thought for the day: Put-downs are just like flinging mud on a clean wall. Even if it doesn’t stick, it leaves a dirty smudge on the wall.

2 thoughts on “Sprake? Mixed race or mixed rakes.

  1. Kate

    Now a sprake I could use. In fact, I think we could all use a little cross-over action the author talks about here. Because a little multi-something – a LOT of multi-something – is good for the soul.
    And, apparently, the soil.

  2. muttslikeme Post author

    While we’re at it, think of these mutt musings as good for the sole, too. Yes, for the soul, of course. But there’s nothing like a good pair of shoes to keep our mutty selves on the move, exploring the world, getting to know others and ourselves in even better ways.


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