Urban Dictionary: It’s Official … Mutt-ossary!

At last, the English language will benefit from my muttilicious (http://tinyurl.com/urban-muttilicious) love of language.muttic-screenshot3

Gawd, imagine my parents, my father a scholar of 17th century English literature, and my mother, her thesis on James Joyce’s Ulysses, thinking, “…and we sent this girl to college for this?”

Yep, that’s what happens when nature vs. nurture embattles inside, from prison to poetry, so to speak. But it was my family — parents, brother, uncles and aunts, cousins and all the rest (it’s a huge family, ¬†you don’t need the whole list here!) — that helped my nature settle with the nuture. That’ll be a post all on it’s own, so keep an eye out.

Thanks to all that stirs within, I’ll soon have a survival guidebook for Musings for Mutts, to include a full mutt-ossary.


Thought for the day: Ideas are as important as words, but why use a gallon of words to express a teaspoon of thought? Sometimes one word says alot.

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