Mutt-ossary expanded: more new mutt-words in Urban Dictionary


New words this week accepted by urbandict-logo

My special vocabulary continues to expand and find its place in the world, and Urban Dictionary agrees.

muttitude Keep a positive muttitude and your life will feel better.

muttcellent That’s muttcellent! I’m glad you can go out tonight.

muttnificient Isn’t life just muttnificent?

muttnormous What kind of gas mileage do those muttnormous SUV’s even get in the city, 5 mpg?

muttsy That’s one muttsy woman.

Now it’s your turn. Show the world you know your mott-ossary! Post a comment using any of these words.

The complete mutt-ossary to date:


Thought for the day: People may doubt what we say but they often believe what we do.

More about words: Kind words take seconds to speak and they last forever. Let Thank You be two of your favorite words, and try to be thankful for you have, rather than resentful about what you don’t have.

One thought on “Mutt-ossary expanded: more new mutt-words in Urban Dictionary

  1. janebretl

    The blog looks great! Did you do a new look?

    Here’s one for you:
    muttaphorical (as in a mutt metaphor)



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