Humor, the Economy, and Resilience

This is a repost from an earlier page on this blog.

MUTTS LIKE ME BLOG is  your ongoing guide for mutthood and for mutt wannabes alike! We can all learn from one another about how to make it in the world as, yes, a proud and productive mutt. Mutt being a warm catch-all for anyone multiracial, which is most everyone. We’re all a mix, and this blog is my place to play with a serious topic while at the same time drawing attention to “life as a mutt.”

Since when is race a topic for humor? And is now really the time to poke fun and play around with race, or with anything else, for that matter? After all, the world economy tanked. Who can laugh?

I, for one And you should, too. We all need it once in a while. Many onces, actually.

Especially now, we all need hope, and humor. Gloomy headlines, relentless and everywhere. In September 2008, the American Psychological Association reported that eighty percent of Americans felt irritable due to stress in the economy. (Just irritable? What about devastation, fear, and ruin? And what about that other twenty percent? What foxhole, I mean mutthole are they hiding in?)

A number of researchers have studied humor and it’s impact on hope and resilience. Science News Review (June 2008) cites a study that underscores how humor is a legitimate strategy for relieving stress and maintaining a general sense of well being while increasing a person’s hope. Not a cure, but a vital component for resilience.


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  • janebretl // March 25, 2009 at 10:26 pm (edit)I love your sense of humor and hope!
  • muttslikeme // March 25, 2009 at 10:31 pm (edit)Hey, considering where I came from, it was hope and resilience, or not. Better go with the hope, right? The “or not” I already tried. Life without hope, well, what’s the fun in that?

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