The way to do is to be. ~Lao-Tze

Does it often feel like the “to do” lists will never be finished? I’ve discovered that the more I learn, the more I want to pursue, and then my lists get longer.

There are too many interesting things to do in life. But what about just the “to be” list?

I’m finding that emotional strength and spiritual grounding come from self-acceptance and from connection to the world. Try it out.

I’ve learned to trust my very being and and this leads me, in turn, to venture out and live in the world with great adventure. It’s a wonderful circle of being: the more I learn, and then live centered and balanced, the more I want to do.

It sure would be great, though, to at least finish one list! I’m always on theĀ  search for new ways to organize my lists and projects. I have several book projects, several consulting projects and a few inventions in the works, each project with many layers.projects

Who’s got good ideas for organizing multiple projects? What works for you (or what doesn’t?) Send me your notes of ideas for this!

Thought for the day: Think about your Circle of Being.

Sometimes doing less means we can “be” more.

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