Eureka! Where Are Your AHA Moments?

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Where do your AHA moments come from? Do you plod, or do flashes of inspiration hit you out of nowhere?

I’ve been curious about these instincts and I explore that core in all of us in my new article on Huffington Post.

Here’s an excerpt from my article about what I call Brain Buzz:


From experience, I’ve come up with five tips for everyday living that can help inspire our flashes of imagination that can lead to creativity – Aha moments:

• Find quiet moments to shut everything down.
• Save time in the morning for a stream of consciousness to take notes on whatever comes to mind. No judgment. You never know where this stream can lead you. Jot notes rather than think.
• Keep a way to record your ideas in the moment, whether in the car, by your bed, in your briefcase or bag. Notebook, scratch paper, recording device, anything to make sure you don’t lose a word or phrase that you want to develop later.
• Have someone to spring your ideas off. Other people will surely offer a new perspective.
• Keep an eye and ear open for quotes, images, headlines that can buzz your brain with new ideas.

All in all, pay attention to life and stay open to new possibilities of being in the moment. It’s not about forcing our Eureka moments. It’s about making room for flashes of inspiration.

You’ll be surprised what can happen!

One thought on “Eureka! Where Are Your AHA Moments?

  1. Kate Vogl

    For me, it’s when I’m taking a walk. It’s that repetitive motion, taking in what’s around me, that ideas will come to me. Maybe it counts as some form of meditation. When I get home then I can dash something off. So, I guess I’ll be walking a lot during this National Novel Writing Month! :)


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