Do We Really Need to Shop Below Ground?

Half the world’s fourteen self-made female billionaires have struck it rich on China’s mainland.  That’s according to Forbes Magazine.

(I love Hong Kong, but how about this street for sensory overload?)

They include the world’s richest self-made woman, Wu Yajun, who took her company, Longfor Properties, public. Real estate does it every time, in the business of fortune. Then there’s Hong Kong entrepreneur Chu Lam Yiu, who peddles ingredients to China’s tobacco companies.

Xiu Li Hawken, a U.K. citizen, is also on the list. She runs below ground shopping centers in China. Hawken is one of three women who debuts on this year’s billionaire’s list.

The last place in the world I’d want to be, if underground, is in a shopping center. As much as I love to shop, in all that over-stimulation of commerce, at least sunlight should enhance the experience.

Maybe someone ought to do research on the correlation between spending and sun. Do we spend less, or more, depending on how much sun filters into us? Do UV rays impact how much money flies out of our pocketbooks?

I can do underground on the train…but for shopping? Just to buy “stuff?” Does this really advance our evolutionary standing? We might eventually turn into microbes a mile below in a subterranean life, like those found off the coast of Canada. 212F down there. Cookin’!

Or we might turn into what a Minnesota physics lab, deep below the Iron Range, uncovered as what may be the first terrestrial evidence of dark matter. Their experiment is known as the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search.

I think Dark Matter Search is a good name for that underground shopping experience.  Are we so desperate to shop that we have to take it underground? This is not a step that branches out our tree of life,

but rather we’re snapping the twigs on that evolution tree with excessive consumption and shopping. We’re going to end up as humanoid dungeon worms (like on yugioh cards.) slithering along on a hunt for more and more commerce: buy, sell, trade, slither — buy, sell, trade, slither.

No spiritual life balance here. Just shop and slither.

(Tree from UC Davis)

Back to these Asian billionaires, though, I suppose when you’ve made a fortune on earth, the next logical step is to make your next fortune embedded inside earth.

Leave me out on this one. Not the fortune part, but the below earth scene.

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