Back at the bar

sushibarBack to the sushi bar… you smile at the guy sitting at the end. It’s a new day, doesn’t matter that he’s white, doesn’t matter he might not take you to meet his mother. You always liked white boys anyway. Jewish boys, even though they never seem to notice you. But that inner voice pops up again. “Does he like me really? Or does he just want some mutt brown sugar mixed with my Asian and the rest?”

You’ll never know until you go for it, and he looks really nice. “Sure,” you say to him, “I’d love to join you for a kappa maki and some sake.”

kappamaki1Even though you quit drinking years ago, you can always let the sake just sit there. You quit shooting up, too, but does he really need to know that part of your mutt-hood?


Thought for the day: If you want your world to change, start with yourself. Drop the toxic intake — the wrong food, excessive drugs and alcohol, toxic friends and relationships.

P.S. Toxic assets come later in this blog.

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