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NPR Tell Me More Show with Michel Martin: Behind Closed Doors

MPR Morning Show with Tom Weber: On Life as a ‘Prison Baby’

PRINT & ON-LINE: Hosted by Maria Shriver: I Was Born In A Prison: One Woman’s True Story [Excerpt]

Truthout: “Prison Baby reveals what’s at stake when we imprison pregnant women and shred family ties.”

Beacon Press Broadside: Let’s Return Mother’s Day to Its activist Roots

Parents Mag: ‘Prison Baby’ Author Deborah Jiang-Stein Says Sometimes Girls Should Throw a Punch (a Mom Must-Read Book)

Womens eNews: Prison Baby Revisits Jails to Support Incarcerated

xoJane: I Was Born in the Prison System

Psychology Today: Staring Down Stigma

DAME Magazine:  “Two Mothers, Two Far Worlds Apart”

Asian America Lit Fans:Reveals the tortuous path toward embracing the possibility and the emergence of alternative social formations. A must-read.”

Caroline Leavitt Blog: Deborah Jiang Stein Talks About Prison

Modern Loss: Mourning a Mother I Can’t Remember

Bitch Magazine List: “Read 50 Books by Writers of Color”

xoJane: 17 Things To Never Say To An Adopted Person

My Jewish Learning: For Cryin’ Out Loud, It’s a Culture not a Race

“Deborah Jiang-Stein’s journey and her captivating account of it are beyond astonishing…. What lifts this trauma-to-redemption tale well above the genre is the author’s extraordinary power to harness words to convey what it feels like to be utterly — and ultimately understandably — out of control.” (Star Tribune)

“Remarkable in that she combines the messiness of memory with a clinical understanding of her own condition.” (Shelf Awareness, starred review)

“Poetically written. The author’s personal struggles and insights will fascinate and resonate with teens everywhere.” (School Library Journal)

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